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Focused Therapy

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Sensory Integration

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‘The soul is healed by being with children’ – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

How We Can Help

math Occupational Therapy is the aim of assisting an individual to performing tasks expected of them within an everyday context. This is achieved through assessing an individual to understand the underlying cause of difficulties affecting one’s ability to participate adequately.  Read more here.

Paediatric Occupational Therapy

birthday-partiesOur treatments ensure a holist view of every individual who is brought to us. this includes ensuring the parents/caregivers and family members are intimately involved in all treatment processes. Furthermore, contacting the teachers, other therapists the individual may be seeing and any other essential person involved in a child’s life is encouraged to be actively involved throughout the intervention process.  Read more here.


Can Your Child Relate…?

wedding-ordersWe may be able to help if your child…

  • Has difficulty keeping up with his/her friends in school
  • Finds difficulty performing motor movements like his/her friends
  • Has a short attention span and limited concentration
  • Becomes frustrated or irritated when doing school work or when at school
  • Finds difficulty engaging with others
  • Has coordination difficulties or appear to be ‘clumsy’
  • Has increased energy and is constantly on the go
  • Has difficulty with daily tasks, such as dressing, feeding and toileting

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